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According to the specific use and external conditions of the carpet, there are the following options
1. If there are regular activities such as wheelchairs, baby carriages and other rubber-wheeled vehicles, you should choose carpets woven with synthetic fibers that are not afraid of pressure and easy to clean.
2. If you are laying carpet in a room with a large flow of people, you should choose a tufted loop pile carpet with high pile quality, high density, and wear resistance.
3. For families with young children, choose a carpet woven with synthetic fibers that is corrosion-resistant, pollution-resistant, easy to clean, and darker in color.
In addition to the material, you can also look at patterns and patterns when choosing a carpet
1. Plain carpet, single color, and generally without border decoration. It is more suitable for modern-style rooms, giving people a subtle and calm atmosphere.
2. The squandered flower carpet is decorated with large flowers as the theme, with vines and curly grass, creating a sense of uniform picture without beginning and end. It is more suitable for a spacious and complicated space like the living room.
3. Array carpets are mainly geometric patterns and are laid out in a certain geometric network. The color can be light or dark. Generally, it is more suitable for a more fashionable home environment, and at present, the matching with classical rooms has gradually become a new matching trend.
4. Classical carpets. From the perspective of composition, traditional carpet designs of various cultural backgrounds follow the principle of central divergent composition. That is, the geometric center position of the carpet is often selected as the key decorative pattern, and then the edge is decorated with a border, and some other decorative patterns are made between the center and the border. Because of its cumbersome patterns, rich colors and strong decorativeness, it is mostly used as tapestries to decorate walls

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